Changes in version 034

  1. Changing the interface. The main point now is that the picture settings that work on the sensor are displayed in one menu. And the picture settings that work through the GPU in other. The gamma curve is working on the sensor, and it has changed its position.
  2. Working with metadata. Now Premier Pro users are exempt from rewriting metadata via ffmpeg. The file can be immediately ready to work.
  3. Many new gamma curves like on big cameras. Most of the curves are available in Davinci Resolve for interpretation.
  4. An innovation called “Gamut”. Now, in the manual WB, you can specify the color transformation into the desired gamut, so that you have fewer problems with color when interpreting.
  5. Sony Xperia 1 II (Android 11) / 5 II – 10bit 4K@120fps
  6. Samsung S10/e Exynos 10bit HD@120fps
  7. New desqueezing through the GPU, allows you to expand the frame, not compress.
  8. The onscreen LUT responds to the selected gamut.
  9. Dot density is saved for each camera / for each gamma-curve preset separately.
  10. The number of points of the tone curve for some devices on Snapdragon processors has been increased to 256, and for units to 512.
  11. Pocofone F2 10 bit / 60fps
  12. Mi10/T/T Pro 10bit / 60fps
  13. Mi11 10bit / 60fps
  14. Pocofone X3 60fps
  15. Viewing files from the application (file browser)
  16. Zebra and false color depends on the gamma curve settings. Work before onscreen LUT.
  17. Now the application is everywhere and always tries to set Color Rage to Full and Color Space to Rec.2020. If the device does not support changing these parameters, then what the system will indicate will remain.
  18. Many fixes and improvements
  19. For Huawei devices on cameras with Limited access, the manual WB is disabled. Doesn’t work according to documentation.
  20. The latest version with support for Android 7. In the next version, the lower bar can be increased to 9.